Cindy and Mario’s Wedding Project – January 2014

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Wedding Gown for Cindy




*More pictures will update soon

First time I met Cindy, I felt like she is my ‘long lost friend from High School’.

She’s so crazy funny. Full with ideas.

She asked me to design and make her engagement gown, her wedding gown,

her sister’s gown’s (there’re 3 sisters), her mother’s gown, and also mother inlaw’s gown.

BIG project on a VERY short time

(and we live in different country which made this project hard).

But like I always said,

every wedding has their own story and I love to be part of it.

It was so fun to know you, have (few) trips to Jogjakarta for this project,

and also I am so happy to have you as my friends, Cindy (and Mario hehehe).

Astrid Zeng

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